CMSI 601


This page has information for students wishing to do their Master’s Thesis under my supervision. Other faculty members will have different requirements. Our department does not yet offer the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, though many of our graduates have gone on to that degree at other institutions.

While primarily a degree that is supposed to be an affidavit of mastery of a wide breadth of computer science, the M.S. degree does require a thesis in which some new ground is broken in some chosen subject area. The thesis is required to be of publishable quality, and must demonstrate the student’s ability to perform and adequately disseminate research.

Students should not undertake a thesis project in an unfamiliar subject area. If necessary, students are welcome, and encouraged, to take a one semester independent studies course in such an area before undertaking the thesis.


Before you begin, generate a proposal. It needs to contain:

Discuss the proposal, and your background and qualifications with me.

Initially, generate:

During the preparation:

Paper Organization

Number the sections as 1, 1.1, 1.1.1, etc., and number the appendices A, A,1, B, etc. Do not number the abstract or bibliography.

Some Past Theses Supervised

This list is not complete. I’m in the process of trying to fill in data from missing semesters. If you know of any I missed, let me know. Thanks.

Fall, 2008
Brian Orr, The Platform Virtualization Threat Environment
Fall, 2006
Joey Barrett, YAKIT: Your Awareness Kit
Spring, 2006
Joephy Hoang, Content-Based Image Retrieval
Raúl Aguilar, Mixed Langauge Spam Detection
Fall, 2005
David Chu, Network Analysis for Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
Spring, 2005
Prabhu Anabananthan, Job Manager Extensions for Grid Computing Frameworks
Amit Desai, The Effect of Divergent Implementations on Application Design in Real-Time Environments
Dale Kohler, Minnow: Multicast Networked Object-Based Data Store
Sinu Ranasinghe, Domain Gateway Address-Based DOS Detection Protocol
Fall, 2004
Criag Ward, Implications of Programming Language Selection on the Construction of Secure Software Systems
Akin Ajayi, Insight: A Framework for Shallow Text Mining
Spring, 2004
Still trying to track this down
Fall, 2003
Kholoud Khateeb, Creative Author: A Visual Programming Language for Creative Multimedia Authoring
Ihimu Ukpo, Image Compression Applications of Sector Key Compression
(Not sure if this is complete)
Spring, 2003
Still trying to track this down
Fall, 2002
Still trying to track this down
Spring, 2002
Debbie Spiegel, Comparative Analysis of Peer-to-Peer Systems
Mike Chang, A Refined Design Pattern Classification Scheme
Sanford Weinberg, Solving the Internet Bandwidth Problem
Fall, 2001
Wei Michael Sun, Smart Answering Management System (SAMS)
Dale Raymond P. Borja, Software Reliability: Assessment and Assurance
Spring, 2001
Still trying to track this down
Fall, 2000
Shouki Souri, Design and Implementation of a Framework for Visual Document Scruture Editing
Robert G, Hayes, Real-time Java
(Not sure if this is complete)
Spring, 2000
Ernest Murillo, VRML Storyboarding
(Not sure if this is complete)
Fall, 1999
Arthur F. del Rosario, ?
Herng-Yi Chen, Data Compression
(Not sure if this is complete)
Spring, 1999 (?/1)
Still trying to track this down
Fall, 1998 (?/3)
Cesar A. Atehortua, The Internet Access Bottleneck --- Is DSL the best solution?
Chuang Kuan-Shih, Speech Technology
(Not sure if this is complete)
Spring, 1998 (?/2)
Still trying to track this down
Fall, 1997 (4/4)
Mike A. Malgeri, Specification for the Addition of a Persistent File Replication Service To CORBAservices
Ray A. Bala II, Load Balancing Web Traffic on An Intranet
Neal C. Smith, Animated Application Development Under Direct3D and OpenGL
Robert T. Bauer, Demonstrating the Undecidability and Incompleteness of Peano Arithmetic with a Higher Order Logic Theorem Prover
Spring, 1997 (?/1)
Still trying to track this down
Fall, 1996 (?/3)
Christine Ng, Image Recognition to Detect Cervical Cancer Cells
(Not sure if this is complete)
Spring, 1996 (?/5)
Baha-din Khasawneh, The Utilization of the Arabic Language in Information Systems
Daniel Cowles, An Adaptive Derivation of the LZW Compression Algorithm
Fall, 1995 (?/2)
Still trying to track this down
Spring, 1995
Eric Shulman, Utilizing Ada Code in a Constrained Environment
Revital Elitzur, A Uniform Database Interface for Object and Schema Versioning
David Lacey, Natural Language Interface for Object Oriented Databases
Fall, 1994 (1/1)
Janet Howard, An Implementation of the ART-1 Neural Network of Carpenter and Grossberg
Spring, 1994 (?/3)
David Coca, A Fuzzy Logic Approach to Database Searching
Scott Karlin, C++ Classes for Embedded System Development
(Not sure if this is complete)
Fall, 1993 (?/4)
Nils Sandoy, Object Oriented Modeling and Design of Fractals
(Not sure if this is complete)
Spring, 1993 (2/2)
Kurt Harms, Interactive Simulator for Quasi-Static Shortest Path Routing Algorithms using Ada Concurrent Tasking
John Ralston, Use of Self-Enhancing Databases for Address Matching Systems
Fall, 1992 (?/6)
Alberto Velez, Real-Time System Software for Visor Displays
Robert Greayer, Separate Compilation in Language Design and Program Optimization
Teial Starks, DB++: A Language for Small-Scale Object-Oriented Databases
Dean Allingham, The Design of the Language L
Spring, 1992 (?/6)
Still trying to track this down
Fall, 1991 (?/3)
Mukesh Patel, Intel 80387 Floating Point Emulation
(Not sure if this is complete)
Spring, 1991 (?/6)
Still trying to track this down
Fall, 1990 (?/6)
Still trying to track this down

Prior to Fall, 1990, comprehensive examinations were given in lieu of the thesis requirement.