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Works from my blue per  book period.


These are the ones I remember.


A few that I remember.


A few noteworthy projects and affiliations.


LMU is proud to be one of a very small number of partner schools in Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute. LMU had a cohort within Google’s program each summer from 2017 to 2022 inclusive. For the summer of 2023, Google did not host the program, but LMU carried on the legacy and ran our own, with the same feel (mostly) and with some lovely volunteers from Google and a few other institutions.

On the Side

Keeping sharp working hard with startups and established companies.

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I have a brief Curriculum Vitae and a longer one too.

The first programming language I learned was HP-65 machine language. I learned HP-41 some time later, and once wrote an HP-41CX Coordinate Geometry Program.

Links to my various web presences (GitHub, LinkedIn, etc.) are found on the sidebartop of this page, including some pretty ancient stuff.

I also put together a little manifesto on the benefits of teaching JavaScript as a first language.

Speaking of teaching, here are some things I like or just find interesting: High Impact Teaching PracticesUngradingStrategies for running an effective CSSI10 Quick Tips for Delivering a Programming LessonUpperline CodeAnything Jeff Olson writesGuzdial Blog

Some languages I’m interested in (but do not speak well or at all): ScotsOjibweHawaiianZuluGaeilge.

I like Kaktovik numerals and Cistercian numerals.