Syllabi, course notes, assignments, exams, and more.


Works from my blue per  book period.


These are the ones I remember.


A few that I remember.


A few noteworthy projects and affiliations.


LMU is one of only a handful of universities to run a Google Computer Science Summer Institute Extension program. Here are a few resources I made for our 2019 offering:

The program changes a bit every year, but this was a nice snapshot.


Keeping sharp working hard with startups and established companies.

Undivided MyLookingGlass Zoodiker Criteo DataPop Friendbuy M-GO Handmade Mobile Entertainment CityGrid Media Medaxis LiquidWit Toal Engineering


I have a brief Curriculum Vitae and a longer one too.

The first programming language I learned was HP-65 machine language. I learned HP-41 some time later, and once wrote an HP-41CX Coordinate Geometry Program.

Speaking of programs, here’s an odd set linked here for no particular reason:

Links to my various web presences (GitHub, LinkedIn, etc.) are found on the sidebartop of this page, including some pretty ancient stuff.

I also put together a little manifesto on the benefits of teaching JavaScript as a first language.

Speaking of teaching, here are some things I like or just find interesting: High Impact Teaching PracticesUngradingStrategies for running an effective CSSI10 Quick Tips for Delivering a Programming LessonUpperline CodeAnything Jeff Olson writesGuzdial Blog

Some languages I’m interested in (but do not speak well or at all): ScotsOjibweHawaiianZuluGaeilge.

I like Kaktovik numerals and Cistercian numerals.